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Almost every mortgage broker in America is getting calls from customers who have mobile homes, modular homes, and other types of manufactured housing.

The problem is that most of them do not have the ability to help the customer with that type of loan. We get hundreds of calls daily from brokers and other banking professionals seeking a wholesale outlet for their customers with mobile homes. While we used to be able to compensate mortgage professionals for these referrals, current market conditions have dictated that this is no longer an option.

Since many will still request that we at least help the customer, we have provided a convenient method for you to submit their information directly. If there is a program available for the customer that meets their specific situation they will be contacted directly by a loan officer. You should make them aware that they will be receiving a call.

Click Here to Submit Your Customer's Info

Currently this program is only being offered for transactions involving mobile homes located in MH Parks, on leased lots, family land, or in any situation where only the home is being financed (NO Land).

What do you have to do?  

You send the customers information -
That’s it! 
This leaves you free to spend your time originating the types of loans that make you the most money.

What do we do?

  • We contact the customer and answer any questions they may have about their refinance.

  • We give them an individualized savings quote. If we can’t save them money, we will tell them right away.

  • We handle all the details involved with completing their loan.

What do your customers get?

  • Fast, Professional service.

  • The lowest available FIXED rates for manufactured homes in parks, on leased land, family land, any situation in which the home and land are not financed together.

  • No Pre-Payment Penalties.

What’s in it for you?

  • Build good will with your customers as you save them money.
  • Earn extra referral business.
  • Offer your customers professional assistance with something they have extreme difficulty finding in the marketplace today.  

Guidelines (Which Customers can we help?):

  • Mfg. Homes in Parks, on Leased Land, Family Land Only. The land cannot be financed with the house.

  • Minimum credit scores = 640. DO NOT PULL THE CREDIT. Just ask the customer how he would rate his credit. Credit will be pulled only if the customer meets the rest of the program guidelines.
  • APPLICANTS MUST HAVE GOOD TO EXCELLENT CREDIT. Scores alone are not the determining factor.

  • Prior Bankruptcy, Consumer Credit Counseling, or Debt Consolidation requires at least 5 years of re-established credit with 3 NEW accounts and ZERO late payments.

  • Full income documentation required for all mobile homes.

  • Max DTI = 45%.

  • The best programs are available for homes 15 years or newer.

  • Homes as old as 1977 are eligible on a case by case basis.

  • Pre-HUD homes as old as 1970 are eligible in California ONLY. Rate/Term refi’s ONLY (NO Cash Out on Pre-HUD homes. NO Purchase loans on Pre-HUD homes).

  • Singlewides, Doublewides, Triple-Wides – All OK.

  • Park-Model Homes (less than 900 S.F.) are not eligible.

  • Minimum loan amount = $15K Refi’s / $28K Purchase loans.

  • The customer’s current rate should be at least 9 - 10% in order to realize any significant savings by refinancing (since loan amounts are typically very low).

  • Owner occupied primary residence preferred. Second homes, vacation homes handled on a case by case basis.

  • NO 'BUY FORS' (Homes financed by relatives who will not reside in the property).


  • All states OK except AK, CT, DC, HI, MA, ME, NH, NJ, RI, and VT.

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  • We respect your business relationships:

    We fully understand that your referral to us is a direct reflection on your business. We will always treat your customers with the utmost courtesy and respect.

    We fully respect the current relationships you have with realtors, builders, and others that send you loans. We will never try to get these people to circumvent you and send loans directly to us. In fact we encourage them to contact you directly whenever they have a mobile home borrower they would like to refer. We know that a solid and honest relationship with you will generate a steady flow of future referrals. We will do everything within our power to maintain that relationship. It is not worth it to us to gain the small amount of fees on one loan only to have you quit sending over the hundreds of leads you will generate every year. We understand that completely.

    We thank you for your recommendation of We look forward to serving your customers.



Click Here to Submit Your Customer's Info

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