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Glossary of Mobile Home Terms
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Manufactured Home

A "Manufactured Home" is one that is built in a factory type environment, usually in an assembly line fashion, and then transported to the home site in one or more sections or pieces.

The term is often applied to many different housing types such as HUD Code Homes, Mobile Homes, and Modular Homes (See other definitions in this section).

The biggest problem with the term is that it is NOT an official designation of a class of homes under a particular set of Codes. It is just an industry term that is often used to try and highlight the quality offered by one manufacturer vs. another.

We also see many real estate agents using the term to try and counter the negative stereotypes of the words mobile home, trailer house, and even double wide.

As stated in other areas of this site the main thing you need to determine quickly in order to know what type of housing you are really working with is whether the home has a Serial Number and a HUD Data Plate (Mobile Home) or if it was permitted by the local authorities under local and national building codes (Modular).

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