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Glossary of Mobile Home Terms
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Modular Home

The word "Modular Home" is often used incorrectly to describe doublewides or other mobile home types.

While there are many classifications of Modulars (such as on-frame or off-frame modulars) there is one important factor that makes a structurea Modular Home vs. a Mobilehome (a HUD Home).

That one factor is the adherance to the Uniform Building Code or UBC. It the structure in question is a UBC home it is then permitted with the local governmental authority (i.e. City or County) just as though it were a site built home.

Since many modular homes look exactly the same as a standard doublewide it is important to quickly distinguish what type of property you are dealing with, especially if this is a purchase.

The fastest and easiest way to make this determination is to find the Serial Number on the house. In short, if a serial number exists then you know for sure that this IS NOT A MODULAR HOME.

If a SN cannot be found on the home then you should do some more digging to ensure that the HUD Data Plate or HUD Tag was not simply removed. One other way to check is to pull the original permits from the county to see how the structure was originally permitted.

We will be writing an entire section on how to tell what type of manufactured home you are dealing with and we will post that link here. It is a subject that carries a great deal of confusion in the market and it deserves some clarification.

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