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Glossary of Mobile Home Terms
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Singlewide MH

Singlewide Mobile Homes are built as one complete unit from the factory. Once they are brought to the home site or rental pad there is no need to join or marry more than one section together.

Single wides are easily identified by their long rectangular shape.

Single-wide homes are generally between 14 to 16 feet wide and 60 to 80 feet long. The most common way to list the SW dimensions is to state 16 x 80 or whatever the dimensions are. Most are currently manufactured with vinyl siding and a composite shingle roof as pictured above.

Mobile Home Loans for Singlewides are among the most difficult as the default rate is higher on this property type than multi-section MH's. In general they are easier to finance in MH Parks than on land that is deeded with the house.

Some SW's are referred to as "Metal on Metal" meaning that they have metal siding and a metal roof. See the photo below.

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