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When you need to finance a manufactured home that sits on a leased lot you have to understand the way that lenders look at that property and the differences of how title is held in this situation versus a standard mortgage loan.

The most obvious difference is that you don't hold the title or deed to any 'real property', so the lender has no rights to repossess the lot - only the house that sits on it. Add to that the consideration that if you were to default on this trailer, the monthly lot rent or space lease will still need to be paid. 

In some parts of the country and in some MH Communities lot rental prices can be expensive. Some prices run as high as $1200 per month for the lot rent alone. Even if you live in an area where there are more reasonable rates from about $300 - $500 per month you can still see why this represents an an added risk to the loan company. 

All of this points to why regular mortgage companies are not in a position to provide this type of financing. 

If you spend your time combing through the local yellow pages and calling mortgage brokers, you are setting yourself up for many days, weeks, and possilbly months of frustration. In any area of the country there is likely only one or two people in the mortgage business who have a source for this type of loan and then are willing to take the time to help you given the fact that they make more money, with less work handling a regular stick built home. 

What you need is a company who specializes in this type of property:




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