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No Credit or Limited Credit Applicants



We're Sorry but all of the mobile home programs we know of require a minimum 2 year established credit history. This means that you must have had at least 3 to 4 open and active accounts of the type that would be reflected on your credit report. Reporting accounts include car loans from institutional lenders, bank loans, credit cards, student loans, etc.


The next question most people will ask is "Can I use a Co-Signer to get this loan?"

The short answer is No. Co-Signers used to be a viable option for manufactured housing loans but, due to record default rates, those programs no longer exist. Only those people who will be occupuying the mobile home as their Primary Residence (they don't have another house) can currently be added to the loan.

If there is someone else who will be living in this house full time you can use them as the applicant. Keep in mind that they must qualify based on only their credit and only their income.

If that applies to you click here to continue. Answer all questions based on the applicants income and credit.

If you don't have another applicant that will be living in the MH with you we are sorry but we don't have anyone we could refer you to.

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